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Appeal for Life

An appeal has been launched to save the lives of young people contemplating suicide.

Gippsland advocates for mental health, Barrier Breakers, has been moved to act following representations from medical professionals, who have expressed grave concerns over cut-backs to Medicare, which are denying critical counselling support to vulnerable young people.

In launching the appeal, Barrier Breakers CEO, Derek Amos, said government cut-backs, limiting the number of counselling sessions with psychologists were now posing a very significant threat to recovery from depressive illnesses and increasing the risk of suicide.

He said these cut-backs reduced the number of consultations with psychologists that Doctors could refer their patients to under their mental health plan from 12-18 in any one year to 6-10 sessions.

So now, the current systems only provides a maximum of 10 sessions and this is grossly inadequate for some patients with severe depressive illness and complex needs.

Mr. Amos said the cut-backs were also placing a heavy burden on psychologists, many of whom are now forced to reduce or remit their fees so that patients at risk could continue to receive critical recovery care.

“Many patients are poor and their illnesses prevent employment, so their only form of income is the Newstart Allowance or Disability Support Pension”.

The simple fact of life is, they cannot afford to pay for these critical counselling sessions”.

Mr. Amos said Barrier Breakers was presenting a submission to the new federal Health Minister and the Treasurer.

“People’s lives are at grave risk here and we call upon the new federal government to restore these critical sessions back to the maximum of 18 consults per year.”

Mr. Amos said that because of the immediate seriousness of this situation, Barrier Breakers was seeking public contributions to create a relief fund, which will be used to assist the most vulnerable until the cut-backs were reversed.

Barrier Breakers has launched the appeal on their web-site and Facebook page and cited the case of a young woman with the fictional name of “Brenda”. 

“In asking Gippslanders to give generously to this appeal, we also call upon all Gippsland politicians to support the reinstatement of these essential counselling sessions”, Mr. Amos concluded.

For further information, contact Derek Amos on 0428397706.

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