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Barrier Breakers Inc.





Barrier Breakers Inc. has operated in the Gippsland area of Victoria since 2006, providing the only advocacy service in the region for people with mental health issues. As well as our office in Traralgon, we have chapters in Sale and Wonthaggi, and are currently working toward opening an office in Sale.

At the systemic level, Barrier Breakers Inc. advocates for greater government recognition of, and funding for, the needs of those with mental health problems. At a personal level, we assist clients who are having issues with government departments, legal problems, or challenges with private sector organizations such as banks or businesses.

Recognizing that the de-institutionalization of mental health care some years ago has left a gaping hole in the provision of supported, affordable accommodation for those with mental health issues, we have recently established accommodation units in Traralgon, and hope in the future to also do so in Sale and Wonthaggi.

Barrier Breakers operates mostly with volunteers, and thus provides good value for money for its donors.

To offer your support to Barrier Breakers Inc, click the Donate button on the right or follow this link to view our GiveMatcher campaign.

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