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2017 People’s Choice Community Lottery

Barrier Breakers Inc. is delighted to be part of the 2017 People’s Choice Community Lottery. For just $2 a ticket you can win some fabulous prizes.

To support Barrier Breakers by buying tickets in the lottery, go to:

See the full list of prizes here:

Silence For a Voice Challenge Update

Our fundraiser, The Silence For  A Voice Challenge, is now finished. Sadly, in spite of all the publicity we put out about this event, and in spite of considerable interest being voiced by many people, nobody actually signed up as a contestant. That means, of course, that no prizes will be awarded.

This is very disappointing, and we hope that our next fundraiser will attract not just interest but participation. Keep watching to find out what it might be.

Would People Pay For You To Be Quiet?

The Silence For A Voice Challenge


If they would, why not put their money where your mouth is by entering the Silence For A Voice Challenge.

The concept is simple: Barrier Breakers is a voice for people with mental illness, speaking up for those who are not able to speak up for themselves. We are asking people to help us keep speaking up for those who need it by being silent for a period of time, and seeking sponsors for each ten minutes of silence.

You can nominate when you are going to be silent. We would like it to be during Mental Health Week, 9th – 16th October, but if that week doesn’t suit, feel free to nominate another time. Just be sure to allow enough time for your sponsorship money to come in before the Challenge ends on 30th November 2016. You can nominate how long you are going to be silent, but it should be in ten minute multiples, because your sponsors will be sponsoring each ten-minute unit. So, for example, if you are being silent for an hour, your sponsors will be paying for six units. Of course, your time of silence should be when you would normally be talking, not when you would be asleep or otherwise unable to speak, and you will need to appoint a “silence buddy” to assure your sponsors that you have actually been silent for that time.

You can sign up either as a Challenger – just to have fun and raise money for Barrier Breakers – or as a Contestant, to have a chance of winning some great prizes if you raise the most money. The Challenge is being run through our GiveMatcher account, so you don’t have to worry about collecting money, just check to see that your sponsors have paid in on your page. This also means that you can boost your chances by asking your employer or local businesses to match your sponsorship pledges up to an amount they nominate.

If you don’t want to do the Challenge yourself, you might like to nominate one of your friends, and offer to be his/her first sponsor.

Alternatively, if you would pay money to have a public figure be quiet for a while, you might like to sponsor one of our Celebrity Challengers. So far Federal M.P. Darren Chester, State M.P. Russell Northe, and Latrobe City Councillor Sandy Kam have all agreed to be Celebrity Challengers. We will be putting their details up on the web site soon.

For more details, go here.



Barrier Breakers 2017 Calendar Fundraiser

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To purchase your copy of this years Asia-themed calendar, with stunning photography by Lance Hunt.

Please call our office on 5174 4588

Or follow the donation page link, contribute $17 (includes Postage)

Please forward your PayPal receipt number, name, address and contact number to

Please use the subject line: Calendar Purchase

Barrier Breakers thanks you for your support

2015 China Nikon 222