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New Office in Sale

We are delighted to announce that Barrier Breakers Inc. now has a new office in Sale. This means that our clients from the Sale area and further east will be saved the long journey into Traralgon to access our services.

We have been working toward this for some time, with a few setbacks along the way. Even though we had been offered suitable office space some time ago, we were unable to take up that offer because we lacked both the funding and the staff to make it operational. Now we have several volunteers from the Sale area who are excited to be able to work locally rather than travelling to Traralgon, and have been able to equip the office temporarily whilst we wait for some funding that we hope will allow a proper fit-out.

As I write we are still waiting for the phones to be connected and the computers to arrive, but some of our volunteers are already working out of the office using laptops and mobile phones.

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