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What price a life? Will you help?

Young Brenda is only 23 years old and has already defeated death twice. She is desperately clinging to life and hopes and prays that every new day will make her stronger so that she can function normally and be a valued member of her community.

You see, Brenda suffers from acute anxiety and depression and twice now, when the black moods threatened to completely overwhelm her, she attempted suicide.

Fortunately for Brenda, she sought help and her GP developed a mental health plan, which started her road to recovery. Under the plan, her GP was able to also refer Brenda to a psychologist for ten counselling sessions under Medicare.

Unfortunately, Medicare will only meet the cost for ten sessions and Brenda is only half-way through her full recovery.

In an effort to help, Brenda’s Psychologist has kindly cut the counselling fee by half, but this still leaves Brenda with around $500 to find. Very near impossible to find on a Disability Support Pension.

So Barrier Breakers has decided to launch a public appeal to create a relief fund for Brenda and others like her with similar life threatening situations.

Will you open-up your heart and help?

You can donate to our relief fund using our PayPal account on this web-page. Remember all donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

Come-on, let’s give Brenda the chance to live.

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